Open Heart Kitchen has been providing fresh, nutritious meals to anyone in need since 1995. We rotate locations throughout the week to serve the entire Tri-Valley: Dublin, Pleasanton, and Livermore. All are welcome!

Open Heart Kitchen serves prepared, nutritious meals free of charge, to the hungry people of the Tri-Valley Area.
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Update on the Fire at Vineyard Church Serving Site

Livermore church fire disrupts homeless meals, services

As you may have heard last Monday, a two-alarm fire broke out at Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Livermore.  This location was an integral part of Open Heart Kitchen’s operations and our second largest serving site with 250-500 hot meals served per day. We served meals there on Thursdays and Fridays and also used the site to assemble our weekend box lunches delivered to students at local schools. We also used the site for a significant amount of refrigerator, freezer and dry goods storage, and to receive deliveries store our vehicles.

Our focus this past week has been two-prong. First and foremost, finding interim solutions so there is no disruption in service to our clients. We are fortunate and very thankful for the amazing support from the local community:

  • Asbury United Methodist Church in Livermore (our Livermore serving site on Tuesday and Wednesday) has provided temporary use of a room to serve the Thursday and Friday meals that were previously offered at the at the Vineyard Christian site. Their main dining room and kitchen are not available on these days.
  • Stanford Health Care / Valley Care in Livermore has provided the temporary use of a room for food storage and to assemble our bag lunches.
  • Grocery Outlet in Livermore has generously offered temporary freezer storage.
  • There is currently no power at our Vineyard location and Livermore Sanitation donated the use of a dumpster to clean our refrigerators and freezers from the site.
  • Pleasanton Garbage Service provided hugely reduced dumping costs for the food and debris needing to be disposed of due to the fire.

The good news is there has been no interruption in our services! The challenge and continued focus is on finding permanent solutions for serving meals, assembling box lunches and for delivery and storage of dry goods as well refrigerated and frozen goods.

If you’d like to help us, we’ve set up a Fire Response fund. Click here to make a donation. If you know of a more permanent space that may meet our requirements please contact our Executive Director, Heather Greaux (executivedirector@openheartkitchen.org)

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