Contact Us

Donations of Checks and Gift Cards can be mailed to this address:
Open Heart Kitchen
1141 Catalina Drive #137
Livermore, CA 94550

Note: This is not a physical Open Heart Kitchen location, it is only a mailing address.

For information on where and when meals are served go to the home page and click on Find a Meal or click here.

For information on making a financial Donation or donating Food or Goods & Services, from the home page, click on Make a Donation or here. Financial donations can also be mailed to the address listed above. For additional questions, you can also contact Clare Gomes.

For information about Volunteering, please click on Volunteer from the Home page or here. Please follow the instructions to become a volunteer. If you want to volunteer as part of a Community group or as a Corporate team this needs to be coordinated through Shawnda Bost.


“I personally loved working with the seniors and seeing the bright joy on their faces. It’s a great experience to have and I would definitely do it again. It feels great to know that I have helped this organization. You can definitely expect to see me in the future!”

For any additional information please contact:

Heather Greaux, Executive Director
(925) 580-1616

Clare Gomes, Operations Director
(925) 580-6793

Shawnda Bost, Volunteer Coordinator
(925) 580-1619