What is it that you like about Open Heart Kitchen?  What is it that motivates you to give of your time and resources to this wonderful organization?  I think there are many reasons but here are a couple of mine.

A modern day religious leader once said, “We are surrounded by those in need of our attention, our encouragement, our support, our comfort, our kindness – be they family members, friends, acquaintances or strangers.”  (Thomas S. Monson) Open Heart Kitchen gives us the opportunity to extend that needed encouragement, support, comfort and kindness to members of our community. Some of the people in need are those that we are serving and others may be those that we are serving with. Either way we are helping those around us.

Open Heart Kitchen is one of the few organizations in the Tri-Valley that provides opportunities for a large number of volunteers to give back and care for those around them.  Open Heart Kitchen helps promote volunteerism and compassion through example and service opportunities. I love seeing employee groups do team building by serving together. I always feel uplifted by my association with our guests as well as the volunteers that work hard to bless the lives of others.  My life is always enriched by my serving others – it feeds my heart.

In the past two years, Open Heart Kitchen has not only fed the hungry of the Tri-Valley, they have improved the nutrition of their meals, found ways to provide meals around the Tri-Valley seven days a week and have joined with others to try and provide solutions to the long term problems that plague many of our guests.  We continue to be a safety net for individuals, families, seniors and the homeless who are food insecure. As we partner with other organizations, we also are helping to provide solutions to the many other issues that confront people that have food insecurity.

During the coming year we will continue to look for opportunities to provide the food safety net in the Tri-Valley, but we will also look for ways to improve our food service, nutrition, comfort and support to our guests.  Thank you for joining with us in our efforts to do this.


Bruce Bird
Board President, 2018-2019
Open Heart Kitchen Board of Directors

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