Open Heart Kitchen is excited to announce that John Bost will begin serving as the organization’s Executive Director effective January 1, 2023. With over twenty years of leadership experience in non-profit and religious settings, John has an established track record of planning, setting, and meeting long-term strategic goals. His background in organizational development and community engagement will help the organization move forward with the new kitchen and dining room being constructed in the Vineyard 2.0 project.

“The board was looking for an outcome-driven leader to guide us through some big upcoming changes while building upon our recent successes and continuing to deliver on our core mandate,” said Open Heart Kitchen’s Board Chair Michael Haase. “We are confident in John’s ability to rise to the challenge and ensure our community has equitable access to nutritious food today, while building a food secure tomorrow.”

John is moving to Open Heart Kitchen from the Livermore Homeless Refuge, where he has served as the Advisory Council President since 2013. In this capacity, he has increased organizational funding by 500%, established key community partnerships, and assisted in the planning of the Vineyard 2.0 overnight shelter and support network for the local unhoused population. 

“My decision to transition into a supportive role was contingent on finding a suitable replacement,” said Open Heart Kitchen’s current Executive Director Heather Greaux. Heather, who was also instrumental in the initial planning of the Vineyard 2.0 project’s kitchen and dining room as well as Open Heart Kitchen’s recent growth, will be remaining with the organization as CFO. “John’s fundraising experience, business acumen, and community connections will be invaluable to the next phase of this project and the continuation of our mission.”

Open Heart Kitchen anticipates a seamless and disruption-free transition that will build on the organization’s already strong position heading into 2023. John’s visionary leadership abilities and the continued support of Open Heart Kitchen’s donors and community partners will put the organization on track to meet and exceed the strategic goals set for the launch of Vineyard 2.0 next summer. 

For more information about Open Heart Kitchen’s mission and how you can help, visit

About Open Heart Kitchen

Founded as a small, grassroots effort to address hunger in the Tri-Valley, Open Heart Kitchen distributes free, nutritional meals throughout the Tri-Valley Working towards a food-secure future, the organization currently administers four programs: the hot meal program, the senior meal program, the street outreach program, and the grocery distribution program. In 2021 the organization served over 2 million meals in response to the pandemic. Visit for more information on this mission and what you can do to help.

About the Vineyard 2.0 Project

The Vineyard 2.0 Project refers to an upcoming supportive housing initiative at 450 N. Livermore Ave. in Livermore. In addition to housing units, it is set to include temporary overnight shelter, mailboxes, showers, laundry access, as well as free hot meals provided by Open Heart Kitchen. You can learn more about Open Heart Kitchen’s role in this ambitious project at 


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