What we do.

Open Heart Kitchen is the largest hot meal program of its kind in the Tri­-Valley Area of Northern California, feeding the hungry 7 days a week across multiple locations in Pleasanton, Livermore and Dublin. There is no qualifying process and meals may be eaten at numerous serving sites or taken to go. Guests come from all walks of life and Open Heart Kitchen has become a safety net to those in need during challenging times. Last year, Open Heart Kitchen served more than 328,000 meals to those who needed it.


Hear stories from those we serve.

"Open Heart Kitchen has helped a lot. It's taken off a major stress for our family and allowed us to focus on other needs and priorities.“

"Im diabetic & it's hard to do meals for myself. OHK helps me stay out of hospital."

"I just want to say from the bottom of my heart to those who volunteer, donate, and to whomever continues to keep the community safety net holding up, THANK YOU ALL."

What’s new.

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What’s Cookin’ at OHK?

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Hunger moves to the suburbs

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