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Open Heart Food Bank

The Open Heart Food Bank will be opening in Livermore later this year. 

Right now, small Tri-Valley pantries in schools, churches, and other meeting spaces are struggling to secure donated grocery items, or using personal vehicles to drive back and forth to the Alameda County Community Food Bank in Oakland to pick up a single truckload of supplies. The Open Heart Food Bank will support our community by providing local pantries with reliable access to culturally appropriate grocery items for their clients. We are building out a 19,000-square-foot warehouse in Livermore that will have the capacity to grow from our current annual distribution of 875,000 pounds of food to over 3 million pounds of food annually within the first 5 years of operation.


Please help us reach our goal and build the Tri-Valley’s first-ever food bank!

Warehouse Floor Plan

Open Heart Food Bank Warehouse Floor Plan

Features include:​

  • Receiving dock

  • Frozen, refrigerated, and dry storage for pallets

  • Volunteer check-in & check-out

  • Distribution area

  • Checkout

  • Administrative offices

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Our Partners

Alameda County Community Food Bank
Gunkel Architecture

Images provided by Gunkel Architecture

City of Dublin
City of Livermore
City of Pleasanton
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