2021 Annual Report Strategic Plan


Equitable access to nutritious food today, while building a food secure tomorrow.

Who We Are

People in the Tri-Valley are going hungry today.

Although, there is an assumption in the Tri-Valley that poverty and hunger don’t exist, we, at Open Heart Kitchen, an organization that is becoming more IDEAL (inclusive, diverse, equitable, accessible, and liberating), know that’s simply not the case. Thousands of our neighbors in the Tri-Valley are going hungry today, and aren’t sure where their next meal will come from. They are forced to choose between paying for food, and paying for essentials such as housing, medicine, and utilities. This includes populations like the underemployed, low-income seniors, and children of families struggling to get by.

Open Heart Kitchen is the largest hot meal program of its kind in the Tri­-Valley Area. Founded in 1995 as a small, grassroots effort to address hunger in the Tri-Valley, Open Heart Kitchen serves meals at multiple locations in Dublin, Livermore and Pleasanton, California. There is no qualifying process and meals may be eaten at our multiple serving sites or taken to go. We work in cooperation with local food pantries and various Tri-­Valley nonprofits whose missions promote nutrition and hunger relief.

With dignity and respect, we serve people in need through three meal programs: the hot meal program, the senior meal program, and the street outreach program

Guests come from all walks of life and Open Heart Kitchen has become a safety net to those in need during challenging times. Last year, Open Heart Kitchen served more than 2 million meals to those who needed it.

Our Staff

The team that puts the heart in Open Heart Kitchen, supporting our mission through effective leadership, innovative programming, and compassionate service.
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Our Board

Our board is made up of leaders from various industries and backgrounds from across the Tri-Valley. Their vision helps to direct our mission and strategy.
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